Clarify Relationships Among Claims


Are your students ready to tackle the complexities of today’s world? Help them hone their critical thinking skills with this lesson plan. They’ll learn to identify the relationship between claims and reasons, and how writers use these elements to clarify their writing. They’ll also practice writing their own reason statements to go with claims. Your students will be better prepared to evaluate sources, organize argumentative or explanatory texts, and think clearly about complex issues.

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This engaging and informative lesson will teach your students how writers can clarify their writing by using claims, reasoning, and evidence. Students will learn to differentiate between a claim and the supporting reason or evidence, and they’ll practice writing reason statements to go with claims. This critical thinking-centric lesson will also reinforce students’ abilities to evaluate sources and organize argumentative or explanatory texts into clear well thought out paragraphs.

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6th Grade


Language Arts

State Educational Standards


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