Acquire and Use Accurate Words and Phrases


This lesson plan includes an introduction to prepositions, which express spatial and temporal relationships. Students will practice using prepositions in sentences, and learn how to identify them in reading comprehension passages. This is a great lesson for helping your students improve their reading comprehension skills.

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This lesson introduces the concept of spatial and temporal relationships and how they clarify understanding. Included in the lesson is introduction and practice with prepositions, which many express spatial and temporal relationships. Students sometimes confuse prepositions with verbs. To assist students in differentiating between them, propositions are introduced in the content pages. As a general rule, most prepositions are spatial and temporal words. Asking the questions; when? or where? are key to identifying prepositions in a sentence. The words used in this lesson are from a list of the most common spatial, temporal, and prepositional words in reading comprehension. So not only will your students be learning an important skill, they’ll also be expanding their vocabulary.

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3rd Grade


Language Arts

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