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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s always a fun time in the classroom. From the decorating to exchanging valentines, there’s something so special about showing your classmates some love on this holiday.

Valentine’s Day can also be a great opportunity to teach kids about language, poetry, and even history? Here are five educational kids Valentine rhymes to use in the classroom that are sure to delight your students while helping them learn.

Moon and Stars Rhyme

moon and stars

For younger kids, consider teaching this short valentine rhyme about the moon and stars:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

The moon and stars shine,

Just like you.

After saying it a couple of times, encourage kids to come up with their own ending! This can teach creativity, words, and rhyming skills. Have them turn it into a homemade Valentine card to share with a good friend.

Valentine History Rhyme

Historical Valentine's Day in Rome

Valentine’s Day may seem like a modern holiday, but it actually has an interesting history that goes back centuries. Teach older kids about the history of Valentine’s Day with this Valentine’s Day poem:

Long ago in Rome,

Valentine was his name,

He wrote love letters,

And played a sweet game.

Then one fateful day,

The Emperor did see,

And locked him in prison,

Where he would soon be

The love letters still flowed,

From his cell with no light,

So we celebrate him,

Every year on this night.

This rhyme can teach your class about history, language, and even empathy.

Heart, Art, and Start Rhyme

Valentine Art

Art is a fun way to add creativity and critical thinking into any classroom. Teach your students about different art forms with this short poem:

In February we show,

Our love and our hearts,

With poems, cards, and art,

And these wonderful starts.

Watercolors flow,

Like a stream in the sun,

And clay forms itself,

Into hearts that we’ve spun.

With this rhyme, you can teach kids new words. They will also be able to explore their artistic side.


Hands holding Valentine heart candy

For younger students, it’s always fun to incorporate a little counting into the lesson. Try this rhyme with some heart-shaped treats:

One little, two little,

Three little hearts,

Four little, five little,

Six little tarts.

Seven little, eight little,

Nine little hearts,

Ten little, happy little,

Valentine’s Day starts

This rhyme can teach counting skills, rhyming, and even basic addition for those who want to count all their treats.

Friendship Rhyme

friends making hearts with their hands

Finally, don’t forget the importance of friendship on Valentine’s Day! Teach your class the value of being kind and making friends with this rhyme:

A friend is someone,

Who’s always there,

To hug and to love,

And always to care.

So on this day,

Let’s show that we share,

The love in our hearts,

With friends who are there.

This rhyme can teach kids about empathy, social skills, and the importance of friendship-building.

More Fun Ideas

Family Valentine Party

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

The classic rhyme that every kid needs to know. Simple and fun, it is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Full of many good ways to teach your kids about colors, adjectives and sentence structure. Have your kids create their own versions of this rhyme or create a group poem that everyone can contribute to.

I Love You More Than…

This is a great opportunity to teach your kids some comparisons. For example, “I love you more than chocolate” or “I love you more than unicorns”. You can use this rhyme to discuss emotions, adjectives and the art of showing love in creative ways.

Cupid is Coming

Cupid is the ultimate Valentine’s icon, and you can use him to your advantage. Get your kids to create a cupid-themed rhyme or song. For example, talk about patterns, repetition and word recognition.

Be My Valentine

This classic Valentine’s rhyme is a great way to teach your kids about asking for permission, etiquette and manners. Have your kids create their own versions of this rhyme. Use different ways of asking someone to be their Valentine and different ways of saying yes or no.

Love is Like…

Use this rhyme to teach your kids about similes and metaphors. Have them complete the sentence “Love is like…” with their creative ideas. For example, “Love is like a warm hug,” or “Love is like a bunch of balloons”. You can even challenge your kids to write their own Valentine’s cards using similes and metaphors.

Valentine’s Day can be an excellent time to teach kids all sorts of things, from poetry and language to history and social skills. These educational kids’ Valentine rhymes are just the beginning!

Valentine Poetry Book

Whether you work with younger students or older ones, these rhymes can adapt to fit your needs. Help your class have fun with the holiday while also learning something new. Give them a try and see how you can turn Valentine’s Day into an educational adventure.

So, make a Valentine’s box, buy supplies for homemade cards, and have some fun writing a Valentine poem for kids! They will feel like the luckiest kids anywhere.

For more ideas on how to have a happy Valentine’s Day in the classroom check out our free lesson plans and videos, including Poetry for Kids!