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Easy to follow lessons designed to help parents help their students

We know that some of the best learning happens outside of the classroom. For this reason, our lesson plans aim to teach only pertinent information. By cutting out the fluff, you can focus on what is most important—your kids, what they really need to know, and the education that happens outside a traditional classroom.

With Learn Bright you regain the freedom to choose. Our lessons are easily adaptable so that you can help your child with what they need most. We also provide great learning activities and give ideas that help you find your own social and extra-curricular activities.

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Step-By-Step Lesson Plans and Instructions

Homeschooling your kids is not your first job. We know that you have a lot on your plate and celebrate your willingness to also tackle school at home. This is why we created such easy to follow step-by-step lessons.

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Engaging and Informational Activities

One of the greatest things about home schooling is the freedom to teach outside of the classroom. Our activities can be used in conjunction with some of your own. Going on a family field trip to the zoo? Great! Our activities work great on the go.

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A one-stop shop for your homeschool lesson plan needs

Learn Bright lessons are truly the final stop for all of your lesson plan needs. We provide all the material you need so that you can stop scouring the internet for resources and focus on what you do best.

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Lessons that are easily adaptable to help children learn

Our lessons are designed to be adaptable to your needs. You can make them longer, shorter, harder, or easier. So, stop searching the web, download one of our lessons and have fun teaching your child.

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Created by professional teachers as well as parents

All of our content has been written and created by professional teachers who also happen to be parents. We know firsthand what works in both settings and what doesn’t – and we think you’ll see amazing results from our lessons.

Fun Practice Activities, Worksheets, and More

Our worksheets coincide with fun content and instruction pages and are created to support the lesson objectives. To reinforce learning, each lesson plan comes with at least:

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One Hands On Activity

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One Practice Worksheet

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One Homework Assignment (with Answer Keys as Needed)

Use one or all depending on your child’s needs and your timeframe. It’s up to you.

Guided Learning Roadmaps

Learn Bright learning roadmaps provide an excellent schedule to follow for teaching our lesson plans. Whether you are a teacher in a classroom or a homeschooler, these outlines will help you keep track of the subjects you need to teach your students.

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Easily adjustable to meet your child’s unique needs

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Takes the guesswork out of building a curriculum

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Built towards your state’s educational standards

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