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The first full week in May each year is, Teacher Appreciation Week.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2024 falls on, May 6-10th. As this important week approaches, the hunt to find a heartfelt gift to show gratitude begins!

Teacher Gift Ideas

While charming trinkets and apple-themed knick-knacks line the aisles of gift shops, what do teachers truly want?

To find the answer, we turned to the experts themselves – teachers.

In this article, we dive into the insights of five dedicated elementary school educators. They share their perspectives on teacher gifts that mean the most to them.

Their words offer helpful advice for anyone looking to show gratitude for teachers’ hard work and dedication.

Heartfelt Letters and Practical Gestures

“The best gifts I ever received were notes from students or parents. A heartfelt thanks goes a very long way. Teachers aren’t in it for the awards and accolades but it’s always nice to hear how their efforts have impacted you and your student.

Gift cards to favorite stores, restaurants or drink places are a good idea if you wanted to include something too.” 

-Natalie Day

“I would definitely say that gift cards are the best! My school has the teachers fill out a form at the beginning of the year asking what our favorites are- candy, drink, snack, place to eat, shop, etc. Then they send it to the parents so when things come up, like teacher appreciation or Christmas, parents can get what the teacher actually wants. And then even if they get a gift card- they can also include their favorite drink, snack, etc.

Heartfelt notes by both the parents and kids are very much appreciated as well. Another one that I like is if someone goes out of their way to tell my principal about the good job they think I’m doing. “

-Kari Christensen

Time and Service

“Time is the best gift you can give a teacher. Whether it’s a few extra minutes of prep time, covering a class so they can have a break, or just listening to them vent about their day – knowing that their time is valued means a lot.”

-Sean Hodges

“Volunteering! When parents offer to help in class or with extracurricular activities, like field trips, it not only lightens the load but also builds community at school. “

-Carrie Finzel

Supplies and Donations

“Practical classroom supplies might not seem exciting, but they’re super appreciated. Dry-erase markers to even just paper, make a big difference in my ability to teach.”

-Erin Landon

Teachers Day, Every Day!

Teachers deserve accolades every day of the week! So as you celebrate teacher appreciation week this year, try to think of a few ways you can show gratitude all year long.

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