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There are literally thousands or maybe millions of Internet websites touting, selling, giving, or offering lesson plans and other educational materials and products for teachers, parents, schools, or kids. For a teacher, it can become quite overwhelming, time-consuming, and burdensome to locate just the right lesson, worksheet, or activity.

Many of the sites require a costly monthly fee or other payment to access something you may or may not find useful. In addition, most of the free sites require formal registration to join, your email address, the grade you teach, and the name of your school. Finally, with many free sites the result is only another page of links to other sites, leading to more time-consuming searches.

Often, you search these different sites and none of them truly have everything you need. You find a good lesson plan on one site, but no activity. On another site you have access to quality resources but there’s no lesson plan. Then there are sites with activities, plans, and worksheets but no content. Sometimes you invest hours in the search only to be disappointed with incomplete information or lesson plans that need to be further supplemented.

What is the solution to this dilemma? Learn Bright Lessons are the answer.

A Learn Bright Lesson consists of quality content, step-by-step instructions to administer and teach the material, a classroom activity, a practice page, homework page and much more. The Learn Bright Lessons include nearly everything you will need to teach your students without having to randomly search the Internet.

The quality content is written informally and directly to your students to be read independently or together as a class. The superfluous information textbook writers include is purposely omitted, and the core of the topic is presented in an organized and easy-to-read format for your students. However, the content is not watered down or limited in scope, but is focused and to the point.

As you will see when you review a Learn Bright Lesson, everything needed for a lesson is included. This is the key difference between Learn Bright Lessons and other Internet educational resources.

The lesson plans and step-by-step instructions to administer and teach the material can be used immediately by anyone, from a novice teacher to the classroom veteran. Teacher notes, additional resources, preparation information, a supply list, approximate grade level, and Common Core State Standards are included as well. In addition, there are optional ideas and strategies a teacher can utilize in the classroom to enhance or supplement the lesson. The step-by-step instructions have been written keeping in mind the challenges a classroom teacher may encounter during a lesson.

The classroom activity for each lesson is designed to be thought-provoking, challenging, and stimulating for the students. In many of the activities, the students will work cooperatively and creatively sharing ideas, thoughts, and designs to enhance understanding and comprehension of the material using learner-friendly strategies.

The practice and homework pages are written to help students further develop and review information, or may be used by teachers to assess students on the newly-learned content and skills related to the subject matter. Traditional multiple-choice and matching questions are presented, as well as more creative and stimulating exercises and assignments. Of course, answer keys are included with all Learn Bright Lessons.

Finally, there are additional resources contained within each lesson listing Internet links for supplemental content, worksheets, and videos. These resources are for the teacher who wishes to include additional information related to the content, expand the lesson further with activities and media, or to support the struggling or more advanced students in the classroom.

Learn Bright should be your first and last stop on the Internet for the principal content and lessons for English, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. The lessons can also be used as supplemental material for your grade-level curriculum. They are written for students in first through sixth grade, and though there are suggested grade levels for each lesson, they can be easily adapted for any grade.

Are you a parent? Learn Bright Lessons can be adapted for home use as well. The step-by-step instructions designed for teachers can easily be used by a homeschooling parent, or for any parent interested in enhancing their child’s education.

Try a Learn Bright Lesson today and stop aimlessly searching the Internet.

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